The story behind Online marketing: Email Marketing & SEM
Email marketing is a relationship, let's not forget this…

am asistat de multe ori la update-urile celor de la Google, dar ultimul va avea un impact major in industria aplicatiilor de Email Marketing, de la trimitere si pana la raportare. – Images Now Showing Google Quietly Updates Gmail to Cache Images: Impact for Email Marketers – Gmail blows up e-mail marketing by caching all images on Google servers

multumesc Horia :)

prin Noiembrie 2010… Mark Zuckerberg anunta lansarea * Facebook’s Modern Messaging System – cel mai modern sistem de email app. La scurt timp dupa a aparut si prima analiza * Facebook Messages Are Dead.

p.s. am si uitat de existenta conturilor de email via Facebook (

“The explosive growth of mobile email opens is really astonishing … While mobile opens are holding steady around 43% in Q1 this year, two years ago (in Q1 of 2011), mobile opens were just a blip at barely 10%. That’s an incredible 330% change over two years! And that massive growth had to come from somewhere: desktop clients have seen a 44% decrease and webmail share has shrunk about 22%.”

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Soon, your Hotmail inbox will be automatically upgraded to

The data from your Hotmail account—your address, password, old emails, contacts, and settings—will stay the same. When you upgrade to you also get great benefits like:

* Streamlined design — shows you more messages in the inbox and helps you get more done with fewer clicks.
* Familiar Hotmail tools and more — Many of your favorite Hotmail features like Sweep and Instant Actions are still here, along with 7GB of SkyDrive storage and free Office Web Apps.

Soon, you’ll be able to use Skype right from your inbox.

Un preview poate fi vizualizat aici.